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Oct. 18th, 2009

Renesmee and Jacob


 Sorry ive been gone soooo long, i told you i dont like to write much and i dont really go on the computer alot anyways. but im here now!
i guess im gonna be going to the local elementry school starting in january. im not really that excited.. id rather stay here at home.. jacob promised to start school again if i do too though, and momma was pleased to hearthat. she wants him to graduate, but i dont see the big deal. its not like anything is gonna change when he does graduate. 
alice likes to play with my hair alot. she brushed it for like.. an hour today. then curled it. she got a little upset after i went outside to play though, because all the curls ended up falling out, haha.

oooh, i cant wait for halloween! were having a halloween party. the whooole town is coming. momma is gonna act like shes been sick for a while and be in a wheel chair. alice is gonna do her make up to make her look like human, plus all the lights will be really weird so itll be hard for anyone to see her clearly. 
jacob wanted me to be a princess for halloween, but i think i wanna be a fairy. I asked daddy what he thought, and he said i should do both.. but i dont wanna. uncle emmett said to go as a half vampire. haha, very funny. nooot. : P
i dunno what i really wanna be yet, maybe someone has a suggestion for me? can you think of anything else i could be?

okay, mommas calling now but ill try and update reeaaally soon, i promise!

Oct. 12th, 2009

Renesmee and Jacob

im alive, dont worry!

 im sorry i dont write alot, ive been busy with alot of things. momma and daddy have decided i need to be schooled so they have been looking into schools for me to go to. im surprised they'll even let me.. though my growing has slowed down. I dont grow as fast as i used to anymore.

Aunty rose and uncle emmett came home yesterday from hawaii :D and aunty rose brought me a pressent ^_^ it is a cute dress that was hand made. its purple with light flowers on it. I love it and put it on right away. that made her happy. she and aunty alice loooove dressing me up and making me look pretty, and taking lots of pictures of me. it gets a little boring sometimes though.

i got a new scaner so ill be able to put drawins up soon. and... thats all i have to report for now!  im gonna go play piano with daddy :D

Oct. 11th, 2009

Renesmee and Jacob

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

it seems like soulmates are actually really easy to find. daddy said he and momma are soulmates, and im sure uncle jasper and aunty alice, and uncle emmett and aunt rose, and grama and grampa are too.
i think i know who my soulmate is too. its jacob. he said we are and i agree. we are happier with eachother and we always know where the other one is and.. yeah!...............i wonder if we are going to get married someday. maybe i should ask him when i see him next ^_^

Oct. 10th, 2009

Renesmee and Jacob



I went to oktoberfest in puallup yesterday. i didnt get alot of pictures, but heres one! this is the swing girl that sits high above everyone else and waves. she was nice. it was uncle jasper and aunty alice who took me to oktoberfest even though none of us are german haha \(^o^)j
it was fun, there was games there and food, i DID try a bratworst. it had sourkrout and onions on it. it smelt reaaaally good. it tasted okay.
after we went there we stoped at a uncle jasper's friends house. his name is kyle and he let me draw on a punkin and he cut it out!

I drew a scaaary face! on the other side i drew a ghost! but i dont have a picture of the other side, sorry!

after we finished at kyles house we went home. i was tired from walking all day and was glad to be at home. jacob was there and when it was bed time he and i laid outside and watched the clouds. i have a picture of that too!

Forks is really pretty in the fall. I love it ^_^

Today im getting new dressers and my new bed. ill take pictures of that too when its all in and clean!

Oct. 8th, 2009

Renesmee and Jacob

my morning

jacob came over first thing this morning. i think it was around 6 am. momma let me and him go hunt, and we had a  competition like we always do, but his deer was bigger this time. dang it :p. I'll get the bigger one next time!
after we ate me and him went and played hide and seek. the only problem with that game is that we always know where each other is. i dont know how we know.. we just feel it. like right now i can tell you what direction he is.. only hes sitting at the end of my bed so i guess it doesnt count right now, heehee. but he told me he feels the same way about me. I like it, it feels nice when hes around. i love jacob :)
me and him colored pictures for a while. we will put them in my diary when my scanner works again, i think uncle emmett broke it. he was jumping in our livingroom last week and stuff started falling over. it was reaaaaaally funny. im better at jacob when it comes to coloring ^_^
oh yeah! before we came back home me and him went swimming. i got to ride on his back, he really splashed alot and got me real wet. i told him that hes a silly puppy and he laughed.

its almost nap time, so me and him are gonna lay in my bed for a while and im gonna show him my pictures. not the ones we colored, the ones i can show people with my mind. he realy likes watching them. he likes watching me dream too. my bed is alot smaller when he is in it so i'm gonna ask grama to get me a bigger bed too. that way we can both fit during naptime! ^_^ its nice and warm with my jacob..

Oct. 7th, 2009

Renesmee and Jacob


okay i'm going to bed now ^_^ i had a good meal with my momma and daddy and now im feeling full and sleepy.  Momma and i started reading a story online that one of my new friends wrote. theres some stuff she wont let me read yet because i'm too young but i thought i would put the link in my diary incase anyone else wants to read it too! :D
Since You've Been Gone
<- the story we are reading :)

i love my bed, its not a crib anymore because im too big for that. its a twin so theres lots of room for me to roll around if i want too. i have a wolf plushy that sleeps with me. (dont tell anyone but i named him after my jacob ^_^ ) my bed is so nice and comfy...
mmkay, sleepy time for nessie. night night everybody, and momma and daddy say night too!

Renesmee and Jacob

I'm back!

we didngt go hunting, we went shopping for grama. she wanted new fabrics so she can redo my bedroom curtains. shes remodeling my room for me so it doesnt look very babyish. she says im old enough for a big girl room. i picked out a blue fabric with little brown puppies on it, but i told her to pretend they are wolves. when shes all done making them i wanna show jacob. i think it would make him smile.
jacob is coming over tomorrow! moma told me so and i cant wait! we always have lots of fun. we should go exploring tomorrow. i wish moma and daddy would let me go to canada, but they said its too far away to go until im older.
grampa measured me earlier. i am already 36 inches tall. he said that i look like a 7 or 8 year old even though i'm only 3. My hair is getting really long, its soo long that it goes passed my butt now! aunty alice was thinking about cutting it but grama and moma said nooooo. it was funny :) its easy enough to keep my hair in a ponytail anyways. thats what jacob does with his long hair. (my hair is longer heehee)
ive decided im gonna start drawing. i wanna draw pictures of me and jacob first. : ) i can give it to him and he can hang it up in his room! he would like that too i think.

moma just looked over my shoulder and read what i wrote.. she says i should write with better grammar.. she says it would make it easier for anyone who reads this if my grammar was better, and that i would sound more mature. i dont really care about sounding more mature.. but i will try to write better.
i'm starting to get sleepy. its been a long day. i'm gonna go try drawing for a little. if i like it i'll put it in my diary later.
Renesmee and Jacob


hi! my name is renesmee. i thought i would join this site and start a diary so people can know whats going on in my life and.. stuff like that! i hope you enjoy reading.. i dont know how often i will update my dairy because i dont like to write much. its boring. but my jacob told me its good to document your life so you can look back and smile at the good times and relearn from the mistakes. im not going to bother with good grammar... im sorry. i will try and spell everything right though! :D
so to begin, i am 3 years old and i live in a very big family. right now uncle emmett and aunty rose are on vacation in hawaii. uncle jasper, aunty alice, grama and grampa, and my momma and daddy are all living together. well.. momma and daddy and me have our own house, but we visit grama and grampas house almost every day. jacob visits me alot too. he lives at his home with his daddy, but comes over alllll the time. that makes me really happy though.
i love my family.
yesterday momma and jacob got in a fight but no one told me what it was about. i heard something about me when im older though. it woke me up from my nap, but as soon as i got outside they stopped. i think they are hiding something from me but i dont know if its good or bad.
daddys been talking to momma about letting me go to school. he thinks it would be good for me to be around other kids. but i dont really want to go. plus i grow really fast and someone might notice. i would rather stay at home or at grama and grampas house.
daddys also been teaching me to play his piano. he says im very good. me and him have lots of fun making music together.
yesterday i got to see grampa charlie. we went to his house and played with puzzles. at lunch time he gave me icky human food though.. i dont like it much but it looks really colorful. it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. and carrots. and chocolate milk.

okay i will write more later : ) momma wants me outside. i think its hunt time. icky animal blood... ew..